Online publishing is developing at Internet speed, but we here at the f-book think it has yet to assume or even discover its "definitive" forms.

Which is where this freshly redesigned site comes in: to present you with a chronicle of the developing movement in its freeest aspects, what we like to call the f-book. (See the bit about "freely created, free to read" above.)

If this is your first visit, welcome. We encourage you to read through our introductory presentation, including a description of what we're about, as well as some frequently asked questions about what we talk about when we talk about f-book, and a brief history of our work.

Beyond that, you can also read here a (growing) number of other perspectives on free publishing, critical edition (our sector of choice) and financing, including our original manifesto. And there's a page for you to give us all kinds of feedback.

Plus, do check back: other features, including a discussion forum, are in the pipeline. And just like the web, our link library is always growing...

            last updated 01.16.2002